Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter Truck/RV Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter with Dual AC Outlets 2.1A USB Modified Sine Wave Inverter

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Ampeak 100W Power Inverter Ampeak 400W Power Inverter Ampeak 750W Power Inverter Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter with Remote Switch Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter with Remote Switch
Rated Power 100W 400W 750W 2000W 1000W 2000W
Peak Power 300W 800W 1500W 4000W 2000W 4000W
DC Input 11V - 15V DC 11V - 15V DC 11V - 15V DC 12.8V - 13.2V DC 12.8V - 13.2V DC 12.8V - 13.2V DC
AC Output 105V - 125V AC 105V - 125V AC 105V - 125V AC 105V - 125V AC 105V - 125V AC 105V - 125V AC
USB Output 5V DC 2.1 A 5V DC 3.1 A Shared 5V DC 3.1 A Shared 5V DC 2.1 A 5V DC 2.1 A 5V DC 2.1 A
Modified Sine Wave
Remote Control

About Ampeak:

With 24 years of experience in automotive business and perfect supply chain system, AMPEAK has been dedicated to providing the most specialized

and sophisticated automotive electronic products, and focusing on the development of high quality products. All products has ETL certification.

Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter is ideal for Truck, RV on road trips or where power outage is; power your devices in home or outdoors for Emergency, Hurricane, Storm, Outage.

Why Choose Ampeak:

Intelligent System:

Smart Digital Display showing the DC input voltage, AC output wattage or Fault Codes to make you more aware of the inverter status.

Strong Cooling System:

Built-in temperature-controlled cooling fan help increase effective as well as dissipate heat, to make your inverter work safer and more effective.

Durable and Sturdy ABS Shell:

Applies the technology of ABS crashworthiness, robust, as well as good electrical insulation.

Independent Power Switch Button:

Being switched off from DC end thus saving battery charge. If the unit is switched OFF, it will not draw any current from battery.


-- Rated Power: 1000W

-- DC Input: 12.8V-13.2V DC

-- AC Output: 105V-125V AC

-- Input Over Voltage Shutdown Protection: DC 15.5士0.5V

-- Input Low Voltage Shutdown Protection: DC 10.5士0.3V

-- Input Low Battery Resume: DC 12.0士0.3V

-- Output Waveform: Modified sine wave

-- Fuse: Built-in 25A mini slip fuse x 6

-- Working Temperature: 32°F (0°C) - 104°F (40°C)

Optimal Use and Precautions:

-- For DC 12V and Car ONLY, not applied for DC 24V and airplane use.

-- Please do not leave the power inverter in the ON position while your car is off.

-- Avoid placing the inverter into sunlight directly or next to heat-sensitive materials to protect inverter from getting too warm.

-- The 1000W Power Inverter is with "modified sine wave" that's perfectly fine for resistive products, not work good for inductive products.

If you need to use for appliance using a motor or a delicate piece of medical equipment, you need a "pure sine wave" inverter.

What's in the box:

-- 1 x 1000W Power Inverter

-- 2 x Ring Terminal

-- 1 x User Manual

-- 1 x Quick Start Manual