Vogek 6000mAh 8000mAh Solar Energy Power Bank Double Usb Charge Hand Electricity Multi-functional Generation Charger

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Product material:ABS

Solar panels:5-5.5 v 0.4 W

Polymer Battery capacity:1800 mah/3600 mah/5400 mah, recycling to use 500 or above

Micro usb charging input:5 v 1A

Usb discharge output:5 v/1A

Product advantages:

1. Large capacity cell, powerful boost chip technology, usb power output system.

2. Intelligent circuitry protection system, intelligent sleep function.

3. Uses ABS plastic structure, solid customize.

4. Emergency hand-held storage appliance: no need to fix the power supply, no matter where the body is, it can charge the mobile phone and allow the mobile phone to charge the call during the movement

5, fashion trend: fashion appearance, professional design, guide fashion, light, elegant, a variety of colors for your choice;

6. Lightweight and portable: When traveling outdoors, you can hang it on your backpack and charge it by solar energy to replenish electricity when your mobile phone has no electricity.

7, safe and reliable: uses over-voltage and over-current protection circuitry, take care your mobile phone and mobile phone battery;

8. Wide range of applications: suitable for mobile phones of every models, replacing different connecting lines can also realize emergency charging for digital products such as MP3, MP4 and digital cameras.

How to use:


Solar charging: The solar panel can be automatically charged in a place with sufficient light. The stronger the light, the higher the charging efficient, do not need any operation;

2.Hand-cranked power generation: 

Open the hand-cranked power generation handle, hold the charger in one hand, rotate clockwise, and the speed is about 120 rpm.

3.Usb charging: 

Charging the charger with usb connection connector


1. Please do not scratch the surface of the solar battery plate with sharp objects.

2. When charging the built-in chargeable battery with solar energy, please place the solar panel facing up in direct sunlight to ensure the charging effect.