Micros solar Inverter 1200W Wireless MPPT on grid tie

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 1200W Wireless MPPT Micro on grid tied solar inverter DC 22-50V to AC 120/230V dc to ac converter inversor solar pure sine wave.

Please choose the right AC voltage according to your country city power votlage.Thanks!

Visual Description

Product Features

Pure Sine Wave Output

High performance Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT)

Power Automatically Locked(APL)

Reverse power transmission

High-Frequency High Conversion Rate

Anti-Islanding Protect

Input /output is fully isolated to protect the electrical safety

Multiple parallel stacking

The Leading Patent Technology

IP65 WaterProof

Flexible Installation

Simplify maintenance (user serviceable)

High Efficiency & Best Cost-Effectiveness

Intelligent MPPT & Weak Light Tracking Algorithm

Met The Grid Products Certification Standard

Content Included

1 Microinverter

1 2m power cable

2 Bag screws

1 English manual

Single-Phase & Three-Phase Electrical Schematics




    • Please install the inverters according to the user manual and connnet the groud safety.

    • Forbid openning the shell with non-professional person ,only qualified maintenance person can repair the product .

    • The inverter should be installed in the low humidity and well ventilated place,and remove the flammable things surrounding the inverter for avoiding overheating .

    • Avoid children play when the inverter is working.

    • Ensure the DC input and AC output when connect with PV.

    • The Vmp and Voc of PV should be fuit for the prodcut for get output max.



Why Is The Micro Inverter

    1. The transition from a centralized to a distributed inverter optimizes energy collection.

    1. The converter module integrated into the solar panels can reduce installation costs.

    1. Soft switch technology to replace hard-switching technology can improve efficiency and reduce heat dissipation.

    1. From cottage industry to mass production, standardized design (hardware and software) to improve reliability and reduce costs.

    1. Using a special capacitor (due to the high failure rate). Design requires a higher voltage to reduce the current, we use a special electrolytic capacitors.

    1. The converter can be connected to the grid to eliminate the need for many battery applications. The high price of batteries, require maintenance, life expectancy is shorter.

    1. Work required micro-inverter power increasingly smaller (only a few hundred watts), which can reduce the internal temperature and improve reliability.

    1. Micro-inverter solar inverter system needs to deal with a lot of a particular power level, in order to increase production, thereby reducing costs.