20A daul battery Solar Charge Controller duo-battery charge controller 12V 24V solar panel battery charger for RV Boats Golf

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Package including:

1. 1pcs 10A dual battery charge controller
2. 1pcs user manuals.


10A 12V 24V DC EPIP20-DB Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller

 1. Duo-battery Solar Charge Controller with Remote Meter.

For RVs, Caravans and Boats.
- 10Amp, 20Amp 12/24V auto-work.
- NOTES: For use with solar panels only.


2. Major feature:
- Two battery charging eliminates the added cost of two separate solar charging systems.
- With battery type selection
- With charging priority setting
- Temperature compensation (option: Remote temperature senor & Local temperature senor)
- PWM charging, different frequency option.


3. Protection:
- Over charging
- Short-circuit
- Reverse polarity
- Revert current to PV


4. Duo-Battery Controller Features:
- Microcontroller Control for Fully Intelligent System
- Utilizes Serial Mode PWM Control for Maximum Efficiency
- Suitable for both 12V and 24V Systems
- Temperature Compensation
- Digital LED Indicator Light
- Wide Temperature Working Range of -35c to 55c
- Automatically Switches between 2 Batteries
- Full Installation Instructions Included


5. Remote meter Features:
- Remote digital display for the 10Amp/20Amp Duo- Battery Solar Charge Controller.
- Ideal for monitoring and display current solar system status.
- Displays both solar voltage and battery voltage as well as charging current and load current.
- Shows Amp-Hour and Watt-Hour charge accumulation as well as percentage the batteries are charged.
- Easy to use and program and is ideal for a quick system check.


6. Technical Information:
Model No: EPIP20-dB
EPIP20-dB: 12 VOLT or 12/24 VOLT auto work, 10 AMPS
EPIP20-dB: 12 VOLT or 12/24 VOLT auto work, 20 AMPS
Setpoint Sealed battery Flooded battery Gel battery
Regulation voltage 14.2V 14.4V 14.6V
Boost voltage 14.4V 14.6V 14.8V
Float voltage 13.7V 13.7V 13.7V
Maximum solar voltage 30V(or 55V)
Battery voltage range 1-15V
Boost time 30 minutes
Self-consumption 4mA at night, 10mA at charging
Meterbus connection 8-pin RJ-45
Temp. Compensation -30mV/12V
Terminals 4mm2
Temperature -35 C to +55 C

Note: All the data is for 12V, for 24V, please use 2x.