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40A MPPT solar controller 96v solar charge controller solar regulator 3840w solar power - 54 Energy - Renewable Energy Store

40A MPPT solar controller 96v solar charge controller solar regulator 3840w solar power


The characteristics of ICharger series MPPT solar charge controller
1. Adopting the high efficient MOSFET of IR company
2. Adopting the high performance DSP manufactured by Microchip company
3. Optimized control algorithm improves the dynamic response of the system output , can
swiftly track the Max power point of solar cells , also the innovation technology of the Max
power point tracking technology can significantly improve the utilization rate of the solar
power energy system , The battery charging process of the controller has been optimized ,
which can prolong the service life of battery , improve the system performance .
4. LCD display multilevel menu , display contents : realtime parameters , quantity of state ,
fault query , priority setting , language setting
5. Communication interface : RS-232/485, support MODBUS treaty , The RS485/RS232
interface of the controller provide the choice for monitoring the running state of the whole
PV power system
6. With high anti-interference capacity
7. The comprehensive self-testing function and electronic protect function can avoid the
controller damage due to wrong installation and system fault .
8. Protection function :
PV input anti connecting, battery anti-connection Night adverse current resistant, battery
overcharge resistant, battery under voltage alarm, battery over temperature alarm.
9. High IP level : IP30(IP65 customized)

Item 96V /10A 96V /20A 96V /30A 96V /40A 96V /50A 96V /60A 96V /80A 96V /100A
Rated Voltage (VDC) 96
Rated power of solar panels (KWp) 0.96 1.92 2.88 3.84 4.8 5.76 7.68 9.6
Rated charge current(A) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
PV open circuit voltage range(V) 147.7V~370V
PV charging ways MPPT
MPPT operating voltage range 115.2V~288.6V
PV input points 1 2 3 4 5
Static losses <10mA (48VDC)
Charging circuit voltage drop ≤0.7V
Temperature compensation (optional) -30mV/ºC (Based on 25ºC)
Charging constant-current accuracy 5‰
Voltage ripple coefficient 0.01
Current ripple coefficient 0.01
Efficiency ≥97%(full operation)
Display sound-light alarm+LCD display (or  communication monitor )
Protection PV input anti- connecting, battery anti- connecting, Night adverse current resistant, battery overcharge resistant, Battery undervoltage alarm, Battery over temperature alarm
Communication RS485/RS232,GPRS,Ethernet
Cooling way air cooling
IP level IP30 (IP65 customized)
Working temperature -10ºC~+50ºC
Storing temperature -20ºC~+70ºC
Humidity ≤95%
Elevation(m) ≤4000m 100%(derating use over 4000m)


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