Power Station Portable BALDR 330W, 2019 Updated Portable Solar Generators for home use, CPAP Backup Battery with QC3.0&TypeC SOS Flashlight and Wireless Charger for Outdoor Camping Travel Emergency

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Product Description

Baldr Portable Power Station, Power Outdoors

Portable power station Portable power station

Power your outdoors life

Baldr330 Portable Power Station


Baldr330 portable power station, outdoor power supply. Outdoor tourism, camping, picnic, work. Take Baldr330 and go anywhere you want. Being outside no longer means being short of power. With Baldr330 portable power station, you can easily stay charged while on-the-go.

Solar generator Solar generator

Green and Clean Power Supply

Off-grid Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional)

The recommended solar panel for solar-charging is Togo Power Solar Panel. Fully charged under the straight full sun around 7 hours when connected (recharging time varies from a different location, temperature, weather, etc.)(solar panels sold separately).

Battery power station Battery power station

Battery power station Battery power station

Generator power station

Baldr330 Solar Generator

Generator power station

60W Solar Panel

Generator power station

120W Solar Panel

Generator power station

Y Branch Connector


Baldr330 TSP-60F TSP-120F Y Branch

Maximum Power
330W 60W 120W /

Cell Type
Lithium Battery Monocrystalline Monocrystalline /

1x / / /

2x 1x 1x /

3x 1x 1x /

7.6lb 6.5lb 10.25lb 0.4lb