EASUN POWER 5000W 48V Solar Inverter 450Vdc 80A MPPT Parallel Inverter 230V Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter 80A Battery Charger

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ISolar SM II 5kva 48vdc is a 5000W Continuous / 10000w Surge, 48Vdc Input Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger

This modle support paralell operation,but paralell kit is not including,if have demand,please buy the paralell kit,here is the link:parallel kit

Product Main Features

  • Can Working Even Without Battery.

  • 450Vdc PV Input.

  • Can make Parallel operation with Max 9 Units, Both for 1 Phase & 3 Phase.

  • NEW, Power factor 1.0, 5kva 5000w 48v pure sine wave inverter design.

  • 5000W Pure Sine Wave Output With Up to 2X Surge Max 5 Seconds

  • Built-in 80A MPPT Solar Charger, Max Solar Power 4000W

  • Built-in 3-Stage High Efficiency 80A Battery Charger

  • Total System Max Charging: 80A Solar + 80A Utility.

  • Generator Starter Dry Contact

  • Free Monitoring Software

  • Supports LiFePo4 Battery Type (Variable Charging Voltage)

  • Adjustable AC Input Voltage 90~280VAC

  • Supports 50Hz or 60Hz via LCD Program

  • Dual Priority Operation Selectable: AC vs. DC mode

  • Works with 48Vdc Battery System Only

  • Works With 220~240Vac Load Only

  • Transformerless, light weight design

  • RJ45 Comm port

  • Transfer time <10ms

  • Programmable LCD with menu

  • 24 hour operation

  • Intelligent battery charging control

  • Built-in alarms and protections

  • Suitable for wall mount

  • CE, EMC certified


Q:How do I know this is the RIGHT inverter for me?

A: First, how much power (in watt) does your load require in total?Load level must always be LESS than the maximum rating of these inverter.*

Take special consideration for heavy loads such as pumps, motors, power tools, as these tend to draw very high surge current and need to be sized separately!

Take special consideration for machine belong to inductive load,for example,air conditioner,refridge and so on,they require at least 3 times of the inverter power,for example,your air conditioner is 300w,then you will need at lease 900W inverter power.

If you are not sure , please contact us.

Q:My country uses 120v/240v Split Phase system. Can I use this inverter?

A:No, the Isolar SP SM SMV SPV SPL SML series which mark 220V, it is single pahse 220Vac input & output. It is always use in Europe market.,it can not slip into 2pcs of 110V.

We have only one modle can support this case, if you have demand, please click here:Igrid SV LV 6K

Q:My country uses 120v system. Can I use this inverter?

A:No, the Isolar SP SM SMV SPV SPL SML series which mark 220V you have purchased is 220v single phase output , it is suitable for country use 220V machine , like Europe country.

If you need 110V inverter for 110Vac input & output country like USA, please contact us or click here:110V input and output inverter

Please be careful before connecting any load you are not sure of, and check with us if you require assistance. If you are not sure , please contact us.

Q:What does the 12V, 24V, 48V system voltage mean?

A: Every battery-based inverter has a fixed system voltage, or DC voltage which corresponds to the input voltage of the battery system required in order to function. Please do not confuse this with AC voltage. Typically small inverters come in 12VDC, whereas larger inverters come in 24VDC and 48VDC standards.

Q:I see the inverter is 3kw,why I can not connect to 3kw solar panel?

A:The inverter with 3kva, 3000w rate power, This is inverter power. It means the inverter could connect with max 3000w power load. it also with Maximum PV Array Power: 1200W. This is Solar charger power. It means you could connect with max 1200w Solar panel. The inverter power & Charger power was different, and it is separate with different PCB board inside of the inverter. If you are not sure , please contact us.

Q:How many PV panel can I connect to this solar inverter?

A:Please refer to the solar PV chargers specification section of this listing. If you are not sure what to do, please contact us and include the solar panel specification + number of panels you would like to use so we can advise.

Q:I cannot turn on the unit with AC input. Why?

A:This is normal. You must connect a battery bank of correct system voltage in order to start the inverter, as this is a battery-based inverter. Batteries are required. AC input and solar input are optional.

Q:I connected solar panel(s) to the inverter but unit does not seem to recognize. Why?

A:First, please check the type of solar charger you have, from the user manual and verify the solar charger input requirement. Did you use panels of the suitable voltage & current specs and configure them in the correct formation (series vs parallel)? PV input voltage must be high enough in order to charge batteries. In the case of MPPT solar chargers, PV input voltage should be within "MPPT range".

Q:can I connect your inverter with my wind generator?

A:No. as our inverter is soalr inverter,so you can not connect to wind turbine or generator.But you can make them seperate use,they can charge the battery at the same time.

Q:please tell me something about parallel operation?

A:Firstly ,parallel operation only support some modle , not all inverter support parallel operation.To make inverter parallel,it first need to support parallel.

Secondly, if you want to make inverter work in parallel, you need to buy parallel kit,one parallel kit for 1 inverter, for example, if you want to parallel 2 pcs of the inverter, then you need 2 pcs of the inverter and 2 pcs of the parallel kit.

Thirdly: Parallel operation only support the same modle. For example, Isolar SM 5K inverter can only parallel with Isoalr SM 5K inverter, can not parallel with different modle.


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  • CE certified.

  • 100% QC before shipment.

  • Standard 1 year product warranty

  • Warranty will cover only items that are deemed to fail under normal usage. Accidental damage due to environmental causes or incorrect usage and installation will not be covered in warranty (but still serviceable

  • we will provide free pcb board during the warranty,but buyer need to pay for the shipment fee.

  • Contact us directly for warranty issues

  • Buyer is responsible for warranty return shipping.