MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A 40A 50A 12V 24V 48V Battery Solar System Auto Identification Support WIFI Module And GPRS

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A 40A 50A 12V 24V 48V Battery Solar System Auto Identification Support WIFI Module And GPRS


1. Overview

Thank you for choosing the JN-MPPT-MINI/AL/BL/CL buck type solar charge controller. Based on multi-phase synchronous rectification technology and common anode design, this series of products adopts advanced high-speed processor and MPPT control algorithm, featuring high response speed, high reliability and high industrial standard.

The MPPT control algorithm used in this series can quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment and obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real time. The multi-phase synchronous rectification technology can guarantee the pole in any charging power environment. High conversion efficiency, compared with most of the current BUCK, greatly improve the energy efficiency of the solar system; the controller can be connected to the host computer through RS485, support WIFI module and GPRS module to expand APP cloud monitoring, can be applied to communication base stations, households Use systems, street lighting systems and field monitoring.

2. product features

  • Advanced multi-phase synchronous rectification technology also has high conversion efficiency in low power charging environment.

  • Has an ultra-wide PV array operating voltage range.

  • Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, the tracking efficiency is not less than 99.5%, compared with the ordinary PWM algorithm, the efficiency is increased by 15 to 20%.

  • Using high-quality imported components and advanced power conversion circuit, the maximum conversion efficiency can reach over 98%, the full load efficiency can reach 97%, and a variety of tracking algorithms can be combined to quickly track the maximum power point.

  • Three-stage charging method: MPPT-lifting charging-floating.

  • 12V/24V/48V battery system automatic identification function.



                                                  ICharger MPPT AL (30A-50A)

Current rating (A)




Maximum charging current (A)




PV maximum input power (12V) (W)




PV maximum input power (24V) (W)




PV maximum input power (48V) (W)




PV maximum input power (96V) (W)




Output maximum current A







System identification voltage range v




96V is a stand-alone system




PV panel open circuit input voltage range v

20V~100V(12V battery  system)

40V~145V(24V battery system)

80V~145V(48V battery system)

120V~250V (96V battery  system)

MPPT efficiency


Conversion efficiency


Operating mode

The default is the household mode 24H