Portable Generator Power Station 400Wh Solar Generator 2AC Outlet 300W Lithium Emergency Battery for Outdoor AC/Car/Sun Recharge

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Portable Solar Generator Make Your Life More Convenient for Different Power Needs

Multi-use&Various Outputs

①.2*AC Output for small appliance under 300W such as Laptop, camera, ②.1*DC12V/5A and 1*DC12V/10A mainly for CPAP such as Philip Respironics REMstar system one 60 and 50 series, ③.1*QC3.0 18W(Max) for Smartphone, Laptop with QC Type-C port. 6*5V3.5A(Max) USB for smartphone,Tablet, ④.1*Car Socket for car on-board 12V appliance,


1.Easily powered from AC wall Outlet, 2.DC12V/24V car charger, 3.solar panel (Input Voltage must be 14V~40V,like 18V,36V,etc. and MC4 connector

Portable Solar Generator

When you are looking for a suitable way to keep your power going in case of an emergency power outage, a portable generator is the best way to go.Because they are the cheapest and most effective way to generate power in certain situations where electricity options are limited such as natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, home/office use, recreational activities, construction sites,outdoor camping or road trip and more.


Q: How to calculate the working times for Your Device?

A: For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 15W, working time will be 400wh*0.85/15w=22 hrs (rough calculated)

Q: Can I connect two solar panel in series?

A: Yes, so long as the the total open circuit voltage(OCV) is no more than 40V.

Q: Why Choose EB40 portable power station?

A: Higher Capacity- 400Wh,longer charge time for small appliance(max.300w).Can charge more devices Synchronously(2×AC Output 2, 2×DC12V,1×Car Socket,1×QC3.0 18W(Max) ,6×5V3.5A(Max),1 ×QC Type C.

What is Included

1 * Portable Power Storage(EB40), 1 * AC wall charger, 1 * car charger,1 * 12V/10A output to car charging cable, 1 * solar charging cable, 1 * jump starter alligator clip cable,1 * Type-c cable, 1 * user manual,


Some Device can not Power:Like Electrodrill,Electric heater, Hair drier, Electric,Kettle,Refrigerator. such device's Instant starting peak power is very high, it will cause our power station overload.